FAIL = F(first) A(attempt) I(in) L(learning)

Did you know?

Isaac Newton: World renowned mathematician, astronomer and physicist:
Had a C average in school and was sent away when he couldn’t manage his family farm.

Elvis Presley: Cultural icon of the 20th Century, the King of Rock and Roll:
Was fired from the Grand Ole Opry and told he had no future in music.

J.K. Rowling: Novelist and screenwriter, best known as the author of Harry Potter:
Was homeless and had lost everything after multiple rejections from publishers.

Steve Jobs: Co-founder of Apple, industrial designer:
Was fired from his first four jobs.

Bill Gates: Philanthropist, Founder of Microsoft:
Dropped out of Harvard University.

Albert Einstein: Physicist and Scientific Genius:
Had academic tutors, didn’t speak until he was 9 and was repeatedly expelled from school.

Abraham Lincoln: 16th President of the United States of America:
Owned multiple failed businesses, had a nervous breakdown, and lost multiple elections.

Michael Jordan: NBA Superstar:
Didn’t make the high school basketball team.

Steven Spielberg: Influential directory and contributor to the history of film-making:
Was denied multiple applications to University.

Walt Disney: Founder of Disney, creator and illustrator of Mickey Mouse:
Dropped out of school and was once fired for not being creative enough.

Vincent Van Gogh: World renowned artist:
Sold only one painting while he lived.

Stephen King: World famous and New York Times Bestselling Author:
Was rejected by multiple publishers and suffered numerous mental breakdowns.  

Oprah Winfrey: World famous television personality:
Lost her job as a news anchor because she ‘wasn’t fit for television’.

Thomas Edison: World famous inventor and founder of the light bulb and phonograph:
Was forced out of school and told he was ‘too stupid to learn anything’.

The Beatles: World famous recording artists:
Were rejected from multiple recording studios and told they had no future in show business.

Dr. Seuss: World famous author of bestselling children’s books:
Was rejected by 27 publishers.

Henry Ford: Founder of the Ford Motor Company:
Had three failed businesses prior to founding the Ford Motor Company.


How do you define fail?
At N-Powerment Nursing the meaning of FAIL = F(first) A(attempt) I(in) L(learning)

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