Five Fatal NCLEX/CPNRE Mistakes

Mistake #1: Test Bank Questions = Studying:

Practice questions are not a means of studying; but of testing one’s content knowledge.

If you do not study your content, practice questions are a waste of valuable time. These questions will not appear on your registration exam! Completing practice questions prior to reviewing content can cause nurse graduates to feel inadequate. They question their knowledge and ability to apply this knowledge critically. This only leads to fear and doubt.

This approach hinders your study process and lessens your test readiness!

Mistake #2: Getting it over with:

Almost every NCLEX/CPNRE nurse graduate comes to this crossroad.

Every graduate should recognize and prepare for the moment when you just want to write to ‘get it over with’. This is a stress response. This is not test readiness. This is exhaustion and the body telling you it can no longer support this state of stress. Take a break, and call the person who will tell you that this is not in your best interest.

Just ‘getting it over with’ should tell you that you are not ready!

Mistake #3: ‘Winging it’:

I don’t want to study- I will just ‘wing it’.

‘Winging’ the most important exam of your nursing career is a fatal mistake. Should you be unsuccessful, you must face the cascade of negative emotions that will follow you thereafter. Imagine the difficulty then faced to heal and begin the study process again.

This increases negative emotion and prolongs the path to completion- Nurses never ‘wing it’!

Mistake #4: Knowing you’re not ready and not rescheduling your exam:

I’m not ready; but it is now or never.

False. If you are not prepared, or if you suffer any stress or trauma during your test preparation period, POSTPONE your exam! Do not attempt to write your exam unless you feel completely ready. If you need to ask somebody if they think you’re ready- you’re not ready. Ready means you feel as if you’ve done everything possible to prepare. You will have studied thoroughly so that your confidence is high. You are prepared in your emotional readiness. You have a game plan for test day.

Mistake #5: Succumbing to the pressure of others:

I graduated three months ago and everyone is asking me why I’m not working yet.

Do not succumb to those pressuring you to write this exam. This includes your parents, your partner or even your peers. You can only be successful writing this exam when you feel ready! You will be the one sitting in that chair on exam day. You control how you feel.

Don’t make these fatal mistakes; fear does not have to be a part of your study process!

You Rock!

       Ashley and Linda

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