Get to know Ashley Bulley

A list of things you don’t know about me, Ashley Bulley, PSW, RN, BScN, MScN, Full-time Professor of Nursing:

– Was a high school drop out
– Returned to school with newborn twins
– Was told I’d never get A’s in Nursing
– Almost dropped out Week 2
– Had a chemistry tutor
– Never understood anything the first time I read it
– Never left lectures with concrete knowledge
– Had to re-teach myself in simple terms so I could understand
– Cried at clinical
– Was terrified to write my registration exam
– Doubted myself as a nurse


– Was inspired by one teacher
– Graduated top of my class
– Awarded great distinction
– Highest graduating average in the history of my school
– Never scored less than a 97%
– Awarded over $50,000.00 in academic scholarships
– Scored 100% in my Masters’ Degree
– Full-time Professor of Nursing at the age of 31
– Co-founder of N-Powerment Nursing

No matter what life throws at you, you can achieve your dreams. Nursing needs you!