Getting Registered: IT IS NOT A RACE!

We often hear from graduates who are feeling pressured to write the NCLEX-RN®, NCLEX-PN® or CPNRE® as they see their peers getting it over with and moving on with their career. One graduate equated this to seeing friends leave on the bus, but missing the bus and being left behind.

Are you feeling left behind?

Are you feeling like a failure because everyone else is passing and you’re still stuck?

If you’re feeling unprepared to write your registration exam, you should trust your instincts and postpone the test date. You cannot enter into this exam second guessing your preparedness, as confidence is EQUALLY as important as content. It is much easier to postpone your exam when you know you’re not ready than it is to ‘wing it’ and not succeed on your first attempt. – Nurses don’t wing anything!!!!

Recovering from a failed attempt is an entirely different process…

Successful completion of the registration exam is not a race.

There is no prize for finishing first.

NEWS FLASH: The jobs will still be there! Don’t tell yourself otherwise!

Do not compare your own success to that of others.

Your bus route is your own.

Your journey is your own.

Your success is your own.

Your process is yours – own it,

-Ashley & Linda
Your On-Call Professors of Nursing #NursingNeedsYou #YouMatter #GetNpowered