Go Find your Fay

Upon writing the registration exam and starting your career as a Licensed Practical Nurse, Registered Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse, go find your Fay.  

During my early years as a nurse, I found myself scared, isolated and unsure.  Fay was a nurse colleague with years of experience, wisdom and perspective.  She never hesitated to help, encourage and be kind when I needed her acknowledgement, support and assurance.

Fay represents all the nurses who are our incredible role models.  Her unfaltering devotion and steady, reliable, expert guidance was available to me as a novice nurse.  

Fay is everywhere in nursing practice.  To assist you, teach you, mentor and praise you.  You watch for these role models to arrive early, stay late, anticipate need, take action, respectfully advocate and communicate with empathy.  Watch out for Fay, find her then embrace her as your role model!


You Rock!

     Linda and Ashley

PS: It doesn’t matter if you are an RN/ RPN/ LPN – We are #onenurse