Hey, NEW GRAD: NOBODY feels ready!

So, you passed Nursing school? GOOD ON YOU!

Hours of studying, hours of paper writing, hours of clinical, hours of blood, sweat, and tears.

Even after all of that, though- you STILL don’t feel ready. Nah, its worse than that:

You feel like you know nothing. Zero. Zilch. N-A-D-A!

You feel like you’ve been dropped into enemy territory and you don’t even have a radio!

What are you going to do?

How are you going to handle this?

Who are you going to call? – (not Ghostbusters).

Like, real human lives are being put into your ‘incapable’ hands– Don’t they realize that you barely got any clinical experience with this, that, or the other? Of course, they don’t!

You’re terrified. You’re terrified to ask questions- then they’ll know you’re just faking it until you make it. Then they’ll know how much you don’t know…… then what?

You spend your nights awake and worried about your patient assignments.

You spend your days telling yourself you’re not good enough and doubting your worth.

You spend the in-between feeling like a burden to the team; the team of which surely not one person likes you.



This is called: Transition to independent practice and every single nurse graduate before you has navigated these unsteady waters.

Everything you feel, everything you’re telling yourself – is normal.

There, (exhale) – now you can recognize it as normal, stop the negative internal dialogue, and reframe your thought process:

I am strong. I am smart. I am capable. I am ready. I am a lifelong learner. I GOT THIS!

Tell that committee inside your head that you’re the one in charge.

Nobody feels ready and you’re not alone.

None of us succeed alone and none of us nurse successfully alone.

This too, shall pass. And when it does, don’t forget how it felt:

This is how you help the next generation.

Stay awesome,

Ashley & Linda

Your On-Call Professors of Nursing #NursingNeedsYou #YouMatter #GetNpowered