It takes motivation and discipline

“I just can’t find the motivation to study” – We get messages like this all the time.

Ask yourself: Am I lacking motivation- or, am I afraid?
Ask yourself: Am I lacking motivation- or, am I lacking discipline?

You won’t always be motivated, so you need to learn to be disciplined.

A lengthy study process takes a good mix of motivation and discipline.

It is normal to feel overwhelmed and not feel motivated to study each day- How will you pull through? Make it non-optional and rationalize your fears.

Coping with fear means beginning the emotional work required to become reacquainted with motivation.

When a graduate becomes aware that their own emotion of fear is blocking them from understanding content, this realization can be very encouraging as action can be taken.

Refer to the previous blog, “4 Steps to Conquer Exam Fear” for one strategy to cope.

Allow yourself to move through fear. Talking to a significant other may help you move it from within yourself in order to rationally discuss it out loud.

Choose to focus on the belief that knowledge will come if you persevere. Build yourself up instead of unravelling your confidence. Recall your successes and allow these memories to bring hope to the current situation. Seek out resources to help you meet this challenge.

Go after the motivation that is waiting nearby to be found. Do not give up!

Stop making excuses and start being disciplined- Every step taken is a step closer to success!

You Rock!
Linda & Ashley
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