Leave your Judgement at the Door

Little girls don’t aspire to be pregnant addicts.
Little boys don’t contemplate a future of homelessness.
Children don’t anticipate the unfolding of their lives or dream about these destinies.
If as adults they find their way to you, leave your judgement at the door.
Every action you take and word that you offer impacts a vulnerable person’s life.
Bring your compassion as a nurse to their bedside and recognize the healing potential you offer them through your care.
You Rock!

     Linda and Ashley

PS: “Let us run the race where all may win, rejoicing in their successes- as our own- and mourning their failures, wherever they are- as our own. We are all one Nurse.” (Nightingale, 1969, p. 11). #RN #RPN #LPN #NCLEX #CPNRE #ONENURSE