The N-Powerment Package

The N-Powerment products include:

  • A 293 (RN) or 283 (RPN) page textbook of coloured study success maps created in mind map and study note format, organized by body systems.
  • A daily review package consisting of 162 cue cards, created to aid in knowledge retention of key concepts, including pharmacology.
Complete the Web-Based Live Review at your own pace with 90 days access or attend an In-Person Live Review with 30 days access!

Many theories of learning and knowledge attainment were consulted in the development of this program, with attention given to the taxonomies utilized through NCLEX-RN® and CPNRE®/NCLEX-PN® question development and examination practices.

Work Along Study Success Maps Textbook:

Organization by Colour and Body System: For easy reference and recall

Table Summaries: To highlight key points

Mind Mapping: To focus on one concept per page and sort knowledge

Mnemonics: To facilitate easy memorization

ROCK the NCLEX-RN®/CPNRE®/NCLEX-PN® Sections: To provide you with the rationales for the most difficult/complex NCLEX-RN®/CPNRE®/NCLEX-PN® questions

Important One Pagers: To list the common themes on one page and enhance comprehension

‘Think This’ Boxes: To encourage you to sketch a quick drawing, which is proven to enhance understanding and memory – And is also FUN and CREATIVE!

Daily Review Cue Card Package

Due to the length of study period necessary for registration exam success, the Daily Review was created in order to highlight and solidify the content requiring memorization and maintenance throughout your process. By repeating the following content daily, you will retain this vital information from the start to the finish of your study journey. These daily concepts may take time in the beginning, but as you progress, they will take less and less effort as they validate your personal growth and knowledge attainment. Repeat these concepts every day; regardless of your confidence level.

The Daily Review Cue Card Package includes:

Numerous must-know concepts such as, but not limited to:

  • Lab values
  • Vital signs
  • Immunization schedule
  • Newborn findings
  • Apgar scoring
  • Developmental stages
  • Cardiac rhythms
  • Mathematical conversions
  • Pharmacology by body system