Noun: The reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.

Simple enough…. except that it is not.

Apply this to yourself: The reason or reasons you have for acting or behaving in a particular way.

What is motivating you in Nursing School? What is motivating you to study for your NCLEX/NCLEX-PN/CPNRE exam?

This translates into “your why” – What motivates you? What keeps you pushing forward? What is your goal? What drives you to continue even when it gets hard?

Here is the problem: Most of us rely on external motivation. An outsourced emotion that wears easily and thinly.

External motivation (as opposed to intrinsic motivation) means that we do something not for the sake of inner fulfilment (because we want to), but to gain a reward or avoid a punishment. It is often that you do not want to do something, but you must do it.

Nursing School? You 100% must want it. It takes intrinsic motivation to push through. You cannot be in it because you must be- You cannot be in it just to pass.

Motivation is temporary, whether this be external or intrinsic motivation.

You will never always be motivated– so you need to learn to be disciplined.

Stop being externally motivated; start being disciplined, and the game will change in your favour.

Ashley & Linda,

Your On-Call Professors of Nursing

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