We’re gonna’ let you in on a little secret: We are full-time Professors of Nursing and we know how nursing knowledge is tested – It’s about time we SHARE THIS WITH YOU!

There are only so many ways content knowledge can be evaluated. Here are the top five ways nursing knowledge is tested on the registration exam:

  1. Definitions: Know the definitions within the content; these provide the basis of lower level knowledge assessment and are a given on every exam.
  2. Nursing Principles: Theoretical principles within the nursing process and profession are often the difference between the ‘most correct of two correct answers’. For example, the principles of therapeutic communication are often brought forward throughout the knowledge assessment in subsequent courses. A theoretical principal such as; the nurse never asks a patient why, remains a constant principal among courses and will reappear on nursing exams.
  3. Priority: What would the nurse do first and why? Even if you know the content, you must be able to prioritize this into a sequence of nursing actions. These are the higher-level questions which test the application of knowledge and critical thinking.
  4. Emergency: Testing the student’s ability to identify and act based on a life-threatening situation is frequently embedded within the knowledge assessment. You should have a thorough understanding of anything that can harm the patient and what constitutes immediate action.
  5. Differentiating Concepts: One of the key ways of assessing content knowledge is to test the student’s ability to differentiate among similar concepts. For example: What is different between osteoporosis and osteoarthritis? Students are unlikely to be asked about what is the same between two concepts but are highly likely to be asked about the differences between two concepts (this is why side-by-side studying is SO BRILLIANT!

Take this knowledge and apply it to your study process to better predict how your nursing knowledge will be tested. There are only so many ways to test nursing knowledge and these are the go-to’s!

Our study package is tailored with this knowledge in mind to maximize your study effectiveness!


You Rock!

Ashley & Linda
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