REx-PN® Web-Based Live Review

Who should take this Web-Based Live Review?

Canadian graduate nurses preparing to write their REx-PN® Registration Exam.


The REx-PN® Web-Based Live Review includes 120-day access to our online interactive review of REx-PN® focused content, including a total review of all body systems and relevant illnesses. The N-Powerment Web-Based Live Review was designed to build the necessary content, critical thinking and confidence required for REx-PN® success. N-Powerment uses a dynamic approach that prepares students both mentally and emotionally to ROCK the REx-PN® There are no powerpoint presentations and no lectures. This review focuses on a fun interactive teaching approach. It makes complex nursing content simple to comprehend and easy to recall. There is an emphasis on REx-PN® specific questions and knowledge attainment.

The Web-Based Live Review also includes the complete REx-PN® Success Package:

  • A 292 page textbook of coloured study success maps created in mind map and study note format, organized by body systems.
  • A daily review package consisting of 162 cue cards, created to aid in knowledge retention of key concepts, including pharmacology.

Price: The cost of the REx-PN® Web-Based Live Review is $350 USD and includes 120-day online access to the interactive review course and the complete REx-PN® Success Package shipped to your door.