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We are humbled and grateful you decided to take us with you on this incredible journeyAshley & Linda, N-Powerment

Hey Ashley and Linda, My name is Michelle and I am from Georgia, USA. I was a repeat test taker and was looking for something totally different to help me pass and found you guys. I have done Hurst Review and Kaplan before and that didn't give me the clarity and confidence that N-Powerment gave me.

I purchased N-Powerment in January and followed through your program daily. I re-listened to your lectures every week and remembered all the little mnemonics and "Think boxes" on exam day. While testing I got a couple of EKG questions and knew my answer before even reading the choices. It was crazy! This review course gave me confidence going into the test and even if I wasn't sure of the answer I would come down to 2 and make my best educated guess. Nobody has ever taught me EKG so well like you guys and I actually understood it so well.

While testing, I kept saying to myself the questions were not too hard and kept thinking maybe I am doing bad but I knew my answers were correct at the same time but followed all the advices from y'all to stay calm. I took a break at question #45 and walked to the bathroom and with every step said something affirmative to myself. I came back refreshed and after a while, my computer went blank after question 75. I was a repeat test taker and never knew this day would come that even passing with 75 questions. Thank you so much for this program from the bottom of my heart and keep doing what y'all are doing!

-Michelle R., RN-BSN

Hello Linda and Ashley!
My name is Kaitlin, I am from Alabama, USA, and I honestly do not know where to begin. I am a fourth time repeat test taker for the NCLEX RN. I have taken the live Hurst review course, live Kaplan review course, and completed UWorld twice.

I came across N-Powerment on Facebook one day back in November of 2017 and thought, "what the heck, I'll give it a shot" since I've basically tried everything else. I did not begin studying until January after all the holidays were over. As I began listening to the videos and going along with my book, I fell in love with how y'all taught the content and explained things in a whole different way from anything else I had ever used in the past. The main thing I loved the most about the course was the way y'all made me feel about myself, for the first time I felt confident. So after feeling confident about the material I decided to plan my test date, which was Thursday March 29th.

When I arrived to the testing center I sat in my car and listening to one of my favorite songs just as Ashley said she did to relieve some stress. As I am walking into the testing center I was constantly saying positive things to myself. I got to question 76 and took a break just like Linda said. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and told myself that I was smart, capable, intelligent and that I could pass this test.

I found out today that I am officially an RN!!! I can honestly say that I do not think I could've done it without both of your constant positivity throughout this amazing and N-powering course.

Thank you both so much! ❤️👩🏻‍⚕️

I took Linda and Ashley into that exam with me. I knew that this was my moment to shine. I only happened to glance at the number of questions completed twice. The first at question 39 and the second at question 75. Before I hit the next button, I took a deep breath to ensure I stayed cool and calm and then.....question 76. I submitted that answer and question 77 popped up on the screen so I answered it. I cannot fully remember if the computer shut off after submitting answer 77 or 78. This is when I took a break. I returned to the computer all the while remaining in the zone not realizing that I had already completed the NCLEX® because it hadn’t registered within me at that point.

I was never more calm and reserved yet happy to finally be done the biggest exam of my life. I drove home feeling the weight of the world that had completely melted away. I was finally done and now the waiting for the results had begun.

I wrote my exam on Tuesday August 23rd at 8am. On Monday, August 29th, just six days after writing the NCLEX®, I received my results. I had to try very hard to keep a straight face as my partner stood in front of me begging me to tell him the results. I however needed to digest it first. The letter read as follows...
We are pleased to inform you that you have passed the NCLEX-RN® examination.

So now, with heartfelt gratitude, thank you Linda and Ashley for believing in me before I believed in myself. Thank you for all of your love, support and encouragement and thank you for putting together the absolute best review course out there. I honestly could not have done it without N-Powerment. It was the best money I have ever spent on myself. You ladies ROCK and your course is second to none. I love you both with all of my RN heart!
- Marie, RN

I was able to pass my NCLEX® on the first attempt. Something I thought I'd never be able to do before N-Powerment. I thought for sure I was going to fail the first time. N-Powerment gave me the knowledge and the confidence to rock the NCLEX®. I'm so passionate about telling people to take N-Powerment, it's now in my phones autocorrect dictionary!
- Caitlin, BScN Graduate

Thank you so much, Ashley Bulley and Linda MacDougall for helping me pass my NCLEX® exam! This is proof that the N-Powerment program works and that it works great! Keep up the good work, nursing students need you!
- Yoan, BScN Graduate

This is Lily, I took the last N-Powerment class that was in the summer. I just wanted to send you both an email to let you know that I passed the NCLEX®. Thank you thank you so so much to the both of you for creating N-Powerment and helping so many students.

When I graduated and had to face the NCLEX®, I literally had no idea where to begin in terms of studying and reviewing. But, thanks to N-Powerment and the both of you I knew what to focus on and it was easy to understand all the systems with the condensed notes.

Again, thank you both so much
- Lily, BScN Graduate

I just wanted to take a moment and comment on how wonderful the N-Powerment Nursing course is.

Not only was the content of the course precise, detailed, thorough and easy to digest, it was beyond impeccable. All of the necessary content was outlined and easy to understand.

How Ashley and Linda explained and taught the material made it all so easy and enjoyable. I can, without hesitation, say that without this course, I would have never been successful in passing the NCLEX®.

In regards to Linda and Ashley, words cannot express how their passion for their clients (nursing students) is felt in every spoken word. The time they each spent with us was in a manner where you felt like you were the only one in the room.

Linda and Ashley, thank-you from the bottom of my RN heart. Thank-you for your dedication to our profession.

I highly recommend this course to anyone tackling the NCLEX®, be it your first, second or third attempt.
- Louisa, RN

This week was a whirlwind but these two dedicated teachers broke down 4 years of key information in an easy comprehensive way. Their passion for teaching pours out of them through their personal experiences and teaching methods. Thank-you for creating this company and supplying us with these priceless resources. #ICan
- Lana, BScN Graduate

Want to feel empowered and ready to ROCK the NCLEX®? I highly recommend taking this 4 day course with Ashley Bulley and Linda MacDougall! I had the best empowering, supportive, encouraging and fun week going through all of the content with N-Powerment! Ashley and Linda showed us how passionate they are about teaching and also taught us how to have confidence in ourselves and our knowledge to pass the NCLEX®. Couldn't have asked for a better experience this week. So thankful for Ashley and Linda! P.S. The book (Nursing Bible, lol) and cue cards are AWESOME!
- Tanya, BScN Graduate

TAKE THIS PROGRAM! N-Powerment was such an amazing learning experience. It has made me feel motivated to study the RIGHT way for the NCLEX®. My confidence has been boosted and my spirits have been lifted. Honestly, if you are on your 1st attempt or 3rd attempt, graduated with 60s or great distinction, Ashley and Linda will make the environment so welcoming! WE CAN ALL ROCK THE NCLEX® WITH THE HELP OF THESE TWO AMAZING LEADERS! SIGN UP NOW!
- Nicole, RN

Well, this week just flew by! I spent it attending the greatest NCLEX® prep program ever! I feel so much more confident in my abilities and my studying than I ever thought I would. I went from terrified to empowered in 4 days! I definitely recommend it!
#GetNPowered #RockTheNCLEX #SoConfident
- Samantha, BScN Graduate

Wow! I know this is only day 2 of the In-Person Live Review, but it has been very helpful. For those who are signed up for later this Summer, you won’t be disappointed. For those who haven’t signed up, don’t wait! It doesn’t have to be hard and you don’t have to struggle. These amazing instructors won’t let you down and they make learning FUN!
- Katherine, RPN Student

My name is Amy and I am an Internationally Educated Nurse from Scotland, United Kingdom. I have been seeking a Canadian nursing license for some time but would never be where I am now if I hadn’t meet Linda and Ashley from N-Powerment.

I have 11 years’ experience as a Registered Nurse in the UK and studying was long behind me. I got word from the CNO I was eligible for the NCLEX® exam and although I was happy, I was completely lost on how to move forward as I knew I had to learn different aspects of nursing that I was never taught.

I was still living in the UK and didn’t know any other nurses in Canada never mind anyone who was studying for the NCLEX®. A family member from Ontario knew a student nurse who had recommended the N-Powerment course and I soon got in contact with them via email. I moved to Canada in July 2016 and had booked myself into the August 2016 N-Powerment In-Person Live Review. I was excited to meet them as their messages were encouraging, helpful and genuinely interested in my personal experiences. At the same time, I also felt like I was out of my depth and very self-conscious due to being an Internationally Educated Nurse (IEN).

On day one of the course, I was shaking with fear when I introduced myself but I was soon put at ease and felt very welcomed by Ashley and Linda. The N-Powerment course was amazing; it kept my interest the whole time, provided me with excellent study materials, cue cards and most importantly I felt prepared to start studying for the NCLEX®.

I drove home after the course knowing I would have these ladies in my life. Linda messaged to check in with my studies, she always provided reassurances and made me feel supported. When I passed, being delighted was an understatement and I truly believe if I had never found the N-Powerment course I would continue to have those same feelings of being lost.

My journey continues and I know Ashley and Linda will be around to call upon. These ladies are very gifted at what they do. Not only is their knowledge, teaching skills and study material a credit to them, but N-Powerment success is mostly due to their kind, caring and supportive personalities. I HIGHLY recommend this course!
- Amy, (IEN), Scotland

My name is Lindsay and I am a recent 2015 BScN graduate. I failed the NCLEX® on my first 3 attempts. On my fourth attempt, I hit rock bottom when I failed in the first 75 questions. After this fourth failure I was starting to question what I was going to do with my life. I felt that I was doomed and would never pass the NCLEX® exam.

Then I found out about the N-Powerment course which was geared towards building up your confidence; using a support group of like-minded students to help build a solid understanding of NCLEX® exam material and content. This system was easy to understand and extremely organized. It was easy to follow and really helped me understand the basics rather than just having to memorize facts and information. After studying diligently and attending the N-Powerment In-Person Live Review twice, I was ready to write my FIFTH attempt.

On the morning of my fifth attempt, Linda and Ashley text me to remind me that I had the knowledge and confidence to ROCK this exam. I was given a quote that morning “Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step” Martin Luther King Jr. As I was writing, I was on the edge of my seat, after all, I was on a major failure streak. After seventeen long months of being emotionally beat down, I checked my status and realized I PASSED. What made this pass even better was that I passed it in only 75 questions. Yes… that is correct. I went from failing in 75 questions to passing with FLYING COLOURS in 75 questions after taking the N-Powerment Review Course. I have ZERO doubt that if it were not for Linda and Ashley and their N-Powerment course, I would have never passed. I owe them so much. They truly care and genuinely believed in me. Because of their help, I am now able to move on to my dream of becoming a Registered Nurse. As I mentioned above, in the Martin Luther King Jr. quote, had I not taken that first step with N-Powerment I would not be here today as a licensed Registered Nurse. I hope whoever reads my story becomes encouraged and feels powerful that you too can achieve anything you truly want to be in life. With the passion, devotion and most of all believing in me, Linda and Ashley; The N-Powerment team are truly amazing! Thank You.
- Lindsay, RN

N-Powerment nursing helped me pass the NCLEX® on my first attempt in 75 questions which was a pretty amazing feeling. I was so nervous before I started really studying but once I joined this program, went to the amazing In-Person Live Review, and had the super detailed and easy to understand textbook to guide me and review I was a force to be reckoned with. I spent 4 full weeks studying and walked into the exam nervous but so confident because I knew that I could have not felt more prepared in that moment. N-Powerment showed me how to use the knowledge I already had and turn it into a powerful study plan!

Thanks again Linda MacDougall and Ashley Bulley, because of you I'm starting my full-time nursing career on Monday!
- Ashley, BScN Graduate

I took the N-Powerment Nursing program, and I have to say it was the best thing I did. Linda and Ashley have a way of putting everything together with great detailed structure with studying. They restored the FAITH I have in myself that I CAN and that I WILL pass the NCLEX®. I was studying by myself and was feeling discouraged and ended up pushing my exam back. I knew I had to find a different way to study and the N-Powerment Nursing program truly helped me and guided me in the right direction.

P.S. I PASSED the NCLEX® the FIRST time.

Thanks Linda and Ashley.
- Caitlin, RN

I CAN AND I WILL ROCK THE CPNRE®! Thank-you Ashley and Linda for the awesome In-Person Live Review. It was a review boot camp, but it was well worth it. I feel 100x more confident about my exam and am N-Powered! #RockTheCPNRE
- Ashlyn, RPN Graduate

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