The NCLEX/NCLEX-PN/CPNRE does NOT define your value!

Yes, you have to write a Nursing registration exam to enter practice.

Yes, it is used as a way to judge your safety to practice Nursing.

Yes, it is ‘measurable’ – it measures many things; but, your value as a Nurse is NOT ONE OF THOSE THINGS!

So many Nursing graduates are unsuccessful on their attempts at passing the NCLEX/ NCLEX-PN/CPNRE exam. This can be attributed to many things: Anxiety, outside pressures, reduced study time, major life stressors… the list goes on.

‘Straight A’ Nursing graduates fail. Clinically proficient Nursing graduates fail.

Some Nursing graduates fail and allow this to define their value in the Nursing Profession. They internalize this as a reflection of their clinical competence. This is a shame reaction.

Some Nursing graduates fail and decide to do something different. They externalize this as a temporary setback and continue on their path. They try again.

Failing the NCLEX/ NCLEX-PN/ CPNRE does not get to define your value as a Nurse. Many of the greatest practicing nurses didn’t pass their first try ((shocking))!

A failed attempt does not come up in a job interview.

A failed attempt does not come up at the beside as you’re impacting the lives of the vulnerable.

A failed attempt does not get to tell you that you do not deserve to be a Nurse.

A failed attempt is nothing more than a learning experience.

Do not let e temporary setback become a life sentence- Only you give it this power.

If you graduated Nursing school- YOU DESERVE TO BE A NURSE!

Redefine your FAILURE and TRY AGAIN!

Ashley & Linda,
Your On-Call Professors of Nursing

#NursingNeedsYou #YouMatter #GetNpowered