To the New-Grad-Next-Generation-Nurse

To the New-Grad-Next-Generation-Nurse,

Congrats, you have arrived!!

It’s been a very long, very exhausting, very stressful, at-times-hopeless journey; but you pushed though. You have crossed the finish line.

WELCOME to the most amazing (and most challenging Profession).

You made it through soul-sucking academic papers, you made it through way-too-early clinical shifts, you made it through return demonstrations that made your hands shake and your body sweat in ways you never thought possible. You made it though impossible times when you felt like quitting because there was no end in sight……

Throughout the years, you likely faced multiple personal challenges that tested your built-in-nurse resiliency. For many of you this sounded like financial strain, health issues (stress, much?), relationship boundaries, loss of loved ones, unplanned-for circumstances, and at times, utter devastation.

One thing is certain, though: You are smart and you are resilient. Nobody earns the right to the RN after their name without a good mix of smarts and resiliency.

Here’s what you may not know, though: Those “older” nurses, some of them look upon you with admiration. They admire (and even envy) your passion and your empathy. They see you as idealistic and excited- and, some of them miss feeling this way.

You bring them renewed hope.

You may think you will never be as calm or as competent as them; but you will be. Sometimes when you see them turn and whisper to one another they’re not putting you down. Sometimes, they’re saying: “Oh, she’s a good one- we lucked out” or: “He’s a keeper- he’s gonna’ do great!”- They can see what a great nurse you’re becoming even when you cannot see it. They can spot those who will be the leaders of the next generation.

They may not do it physically; but they’re there to put their arms around you and help you on your way.

They’re out there to support you- Go find them and show them what you’ve GOT!

Be fearless in your pursuit of awesomeness,

Ashley & Linda

Your On-Call Professors of Nursing #NursingNeedsYou #YouMatter #GetNpowered