Top Three Roadblocks to NCLEX/CPNRE Success

#1: Nursing graduates don’t know where to start:

With graduation comes the nursing registration exam. Nurse graduates have 2-4 years of vast nursing knowledge attained through textbooks, binders, PowerPoint presentations, study notes, and cue cards.

They pile it up on their bed and stare at it; ½ impressed they survived nursing school and ½ terrified that they cannot recall ¼ of it.

They become overwhelmed and decide it is impossible.

They need to be told where to start!

#2: Nursing graduates don’t know what they need to know:

It is impossible for nursing graduates to decide what it is they need to know from their 2-4 years of nursing school. Worse than not knowing where to start; is not knowing what can/ cannot be left out. Do I need to know EVERYTHING!? How!? How is that even possible!? It isn’t. It is both impossible and unattainable.

They need to be told what they need to know!

#3: Nursing graduates don’t consider emotional readiness:

Emotional readiness is one of the most important (and often neglected) components of the study process. How you feel on exam day and what you say to yourself throughout your study and exam process has shown to be a key indicator of registration exam success.

They need to address emotional readiness!


The good news is that N-Powerment Nursing has a solution:

We know where to start – We know what you need to know – We focus on emotional readiness – All of the work has been done for you and you’re not alone! We have all of the things you need to know and feel to ROCK your REGISTRATION EXAM!

     Ashley & Linda

PS: It doesn’t matter if you are an RN/ RPN/ LPN – We are #onenurse