Who should take this In-Person Live Review?

Canadian/American or International graduate nurses preparing to write their NCLEX-RN®/CPNRE®/NCLEX-PN® Registration Exam.

As well as, Registered Practical Nurses (RPN)s/ Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN)s bridging to become Registered Nurses (RN)s preparing to write their NCLEX-RN® Registration Exam.

In-Person Live Reviews

The In-Person Live Review is a 4-day live, interactive review of NCLEX-RN®/CPNRE®/NCLEX-PN® focused content. The N-Powerment program uses an interprofessional education approach to teach both RN, RPN and LPN graduates together. It includes a total examination of all body systems and relevant illnesses. The In-Person Live Review was designed to build the necessary content, critical thinking and confidence required for NCLEX-RN®/CPNRE®/NCLEX-PN® success. N-Powerment uses a dynamic approach that prepares students both mentally and emotionally to ROCK the NCLEX-RN®/CPNRE®/NCLEX-PN®. There are no powerpoint presentations and no lectures. This review focuses on a fun interactive teaching approach. It makes complex nursing content simple to comprehend and easy to recall. There is an emphasis on NCLEX-RN®/CPNRE®/NCLEX-PN® specific questions and knowledge attainment.

The In-Person Live Review also includes the complete NCLEX-RN®/CPNRE®/NCLEX-PN® Success Package:
(The Study Success Maps Textbook and Cue Cards will be delivered on Day One of the In-Person Live Review.)

  • A 293 page textbook of coloured study success maps created in mind map and study note format, organized by body systems.
  • A daily review package consisting of 162 cue cards, created to aid in knowledge retention of key concepts, including pharmacology.

  • BONUS:

    Register for our In-Person Live Review & receive 30-day access to our Web-Based Live Review beginning day 1 of the review.

In-Person Live Review Schedule:

April 25, 26, May 2, 3, 2020
9:00am – 5:00pm daily
Windsor, Ontario


Organize An In-Person Live Review Near You:

Contact us at and inquire about setting up an information session for your academic institution. Meet the N-Powerment team and view the complete NCLEX-RN®/CPNRE®/NCLEX-PN® Success Package!


For In-Person Live Review sessions located in your community, please inquire.