In honour of Nursing week, we celebrate one of our founders, Florence Nightingale, or, as we like to call her, #FloNight.

Florence Nightingale has been called many things: The ‘Lady with the Lamp’, The ‘Founder of Nursing’, and The ‘Philosopher of Care’. One thing is certain – her far-sighted vision for the Nursing profession continues to influence modern healthcare. Florence practiced well beyond her years, launching the earliest attempt at evidence-based practice with the manipulation of statistics and in defining the nursing profession as one of love and holism.

She established the nursing profession, facilitated nursing education, and miraculously foresaw challenges we still face today; this evidenced by her 200 (+) published works.

Her incredible life exemplifies the opportunity for achievement when listening to the call for greatness realized within ones’ own life; to serve with purpose and complete devotion. To answer the calls to action even when met with adversity.

Florence teaches us about the privileged position of nurses that touch the lives of others in both sickness and in health.

As we enter into the next generation of nursing, let us ask ourselves this question:
“What would Florence do?”

We leave you with this:

“Let us run the race where all may win, rejoicing in their successes – as our own – and mourning their failures, wherever they are – as our own. We are all one Nurse.”

~ Florence Nightingale 


Ashley & Linda