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You’re not just a Nursing Student

It is common to enter the clinical setting overcome with feelings of fear and anxiety.

You look around with awe and wonder; wishing you had the confidence and know how of those you admire and watch with respect.

Do not forget that they too went through this journey of uncertainty, of feeling unprepared, nervous and apprehensive. Remind yourself that those you follow have once walked in your shiny new nursing shoes. They too felt afraid, they were unsure, they sought the help and guidance of those who came before them.

You’re not just a nursing student.

The nursing student brings current knowledge and insights of evidence based practice.

The nursing student is full of passion and inspiration.

The nursing student is beautifully vulnerable and impressionable.

The nursing student still holds close to what brought them into the nursing profession.

You can bring a smile.

You can make a difference.

You can change a life.

So, stop thinking and saying you’re just a nursing student and start believing in your capacity!

You’re not just anything – you’re justifiably AWESOME!


You Rock!

     Ashley & Linda

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