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N-Powerment Nursing is a complete NCLEX-RN® and NCLEX-PN® / CPNRE® / REx-PN® preparatory program designed to provide nursing students with all of the tools required for successful entry into the nursing profession.
N-Powerment Nursing involves numerous approaches to learning. It focuses not only on content, but places equal importance on the psychosocial challenges surrounding completion of registration exams.

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We guarantee that a graduate’s first attempt will be successful if the graduate has completed the N-Powerment Nursing® Program.

N-Powerment Nursing® Money Back Guarantee relates to their following programs: NCLEX-RN® • Bridging NCLEX-RN® • NCLEX-PN® • CPNRE® • REx-PN®

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The N-Powerment In-Person Live Review or Web-Based Live Review takes students through our work along study success maps textbook. We lead you on a journey towards in-depth knowledge and application of critical thinking. This exciting review was created to be fun, interactive and uplifting - providing students with the content, critical thinking skills, caring and confidence they need to ROCK their registration exams.

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