Conquer your NCLEX/ NCLEX-PN/ CPNRE Exam Fear

It’s exam day. Where is your mind at? What are you saying to yourself?

Today is the day that decides the rest of your life. Or, is it?

Today is the day you sit in that chair and prove to yourself that you deserve to be a Nurse. This is the culmination of years of courses, content, assignments, and clinical placements- and it has all come down to this day, to this one exam. To these X-number of questions.

You have two choices: To be Fearful or to be Fearless.

It is up to you to decide which of these emotions come with you into your registration exam. Only one of these emotions will help you. Take purposeful steps to promote emotions that will support you through this experience:

#1. Ask your mentor to send you an empowering message before you walk into the exam.

#2. Listen to an inspiring song before you walk into the exam.

#3. Reassure yourself that you’re ready; that you’ve done all you can do to be ready for the exam.

#4. Know this doesn’t decide the rest of your life.

Walk into the exam ready to overcome all of the times (and perhaps people) who doubted your ability to become a Nurse. You have so much success to celebrate already!

This day doesn’t decide the rest of your life; you decide the rest of your life. This exam does not define your value as a Nurse; your behaviour does.

Know this exam’s rightful place and strip it of its power.

Find your own power and choose to be fearless!

You Rock!

Ashley & Linda
Your On-Call Professors of Nursing

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