Do you need Straight A’s to be an EXTRAORDINARY nurse?

How do you define an extraordinary nurse?

Is it the nurse who graduated with honours and distinction?
Is it the nurse who knows the answer to every question?
Is it the nurse who can quote a textbook word for word?


Is it the nurse who shows love and empathy professionally and appropriately?
Is it the nurse who doesn’t know the answer, but who will find out?
Is it the nurse who can comfort patients and their families in their most vulnerable moments?

As you go through nursing school, do not lose sight of the vision that started you down your path:

Perhaps, you pictured yourself doing CPR and saving lives?
Perhaps, you pictured yourself helping a family deliver their first child?
Perhaps, you pictured yourself holding the hand of a patient as they took their last breath?

Perhaps, you believe you can change the world?

‘EXTRAORDINARY’ nurses do this, one bedside at a time!

Your value as a nurse is not defined by your letter grades. Your value is defined by the impression you leave at the bedside and by the opportunity you take to change every life you touch for the better.

Your nursing registration license doesn’t display a percentage, but an achievement. No patient will ever know how many attempts it took for you to pass your NCLEX-RN®, NCLEX-PN® or CPNRE®.

No patient will ever care if you got straight A’s or if you graduated with honours; they will care about how you make them feel.

Go show them the ‘EXTRAORDINARY’ nurse in you.

You Rock!

Ashley & Linda

PS: N-Powerment Nursing is Authentic: 100% inspired by students and written by Linda & Ashley (Professors of Nursing)